Download Pegasun System Utilities 7.50 Latest-FileHippo Software


Pegasun System Utilities is a finished support bundle for your PC! This program will clean, accelerate, keep up with, secure, and fix your framework to make your PC run like new. Pegasun System Utilities will clean, accelerate, secure and fix your framework to make your PC run like new. It is intended to take advantage of your PC by streamlining different applications, including framework, web,...

Download PhotoImpact X3 V13 Latest-FileHippo Software


PhotoImpact X3 is a powerful photo editor and the perfect art photography tool for users who want Photoshop seriousness, but with a slightly less professional goal. We mean people who are serious about their photos, but instead of wanting to produce graphic material for commercial purposes, look for programs that allow them to create amazing personal projects like greeting cards, collages, and ...

Download CloudConvert App 1.0.5 Latest-FileHippo Software


CloudConvert converts files from one form to another. It recognizes files in over 200 different formats, and connects with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This makes CloudConvert an essential web utility for anyone using a Chromebook. I most often use this service to convert image files to other forms. Chrome OS captures and saves all screenshots images in PNG format. However, some pr...