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Download Password Depot 2018.11.0.0

Download Password Depot 2018.11.0.0

Download Password Depot 2018.11.0.0 – Password Depot 11.0.0 is an effective as well as extremely straightforward password manager for COMPUTER which assists to organize all your passwords– however likewise, for instance, details from your credit cards or software licenses. The software program provides security for your passwords– in 3 aspects: It safely stores your passwords, assures a secure information usage as well as aids you to create safe passwords. Nevertheless, Password Depot 2018 does not only ensure safety and security: It likewise stand for practical usage, high customizability, significant adaptability in terms of interaction with other tools as well as, last but not least, severe useful versatility.

Password Depot Qualities:

BEST FEASIBLE SECURITY. In Password Depot 2018.11.0.0, your information is secured not just as soon as but actually two times, thanks to the formula AES or Rijndael 256. In the US, this formula is authorized for state records of utmost secrecy!

DUAL PROTECTION. You can secure your passwords documents two times. To begin with, you select a master password that has to be entered in order to be able to open the data. Additionally, you could opt to shield your data by means of a vital file that have to be published to open up the file.

Download Password Depot 2018.11.0.0

PROTECTION AGAINST BRUTE-FORCE ATTACKS. After whenever the master password is gotten in improperly, the program is secured for three seconds. This provides strikes that depend on the sheer testing of possible passwords– so called “brute-force assaults”– essentially difficult.

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BACK-UP DUPLICATES. Password Depot 2018.11.0.0 generates backup copies of your passwords documents. The back-ups may be saved optionally on FTP web servers on the Internet (additionally through SFTP) or on external disk drives. You could independently specify the time interval in between the back-up copies’ development.

PROTECTION FROM KEYLOGGING. All password fields within the program are inside secured versus different kinds of interception of keystrokes (Secret Logging). This disables that your sensible information access can be spied out.
TRACELESS MEMORY. Taking care of your passwords, Password Depot2018.11.0.0 does not leave any kind of traces in your PC’s functioning memory. As a result, even a hacker sitting directly at your computer and also searching through its memory unloads can not discover any kind of passwords.

CLIPBOARD PROTECTION: Password Depot 2018.11.0.0 immediately discovers any energetic clipboard viewers and conceals its modifications to the key-board; after performing auto-complete, all delicate data is automatically cleared from the clipboard.

DIGITAL KEY-BOARD. The ultimate security versus keylogging. With this tool you could enter your master password or various other secret information without even touching the key-board. Password Depot 11.0.0 does not simulate keystrokes but instead utilizes an inner cache, so that they can neither be intercepted software application- nor hardware-based.

PHONY COMPUTER MOUSE ARROWS. Typing, using the program’s digital keyboard, you can additionally set the program to show numerous fake mouse cursors as opposed to your typical single arrow. This furthermore makes it difficult to recognize your key-board tasks.

UNCRACKABLE PASSWORDS. The integrated Password Generator produces virtually uncrackable passwords for you. Therefore in future, you will not need to utilize passwords such as “sweetie” anymore, a password that may be cracked within minutes.

VALIDATED PASSWORD HIGH QUALITY. Let Password Depot examine your passwords’ top quality as well as safety! Intelligent algorithms will certainly read your passwords as well as warn you versus ‘weak’.

CARDS, IDENTIFICATIONS, LICENSES. Password Depot 2018 shields as well as handles not just your passwords however also your details from credit cards, EC cards, software application licenses as well as identifications. Each information kind uses a separate version, with e.g. the charge card home window including a PIN area.

FILE ADD-ONS. You may add documents attachments including e.g. extra information to your password access. These accessories can be opened up directly from within Password Depot and also might in addition be saved money on information storage space media.

TRANSFER PASSWORDS. You could import both password access from other password supervisors right into Password Depot as well as export access from Password Depot. To do so the software application supplies you unique wizards that promote importing and exporting password details.

USER-FRIENDLY USER INTERFACE. Password Depot 2018.11.0.0 user interface is similar to that of Windows Traveler. This enables you to efficiently navigate with your password listings as well as to swiftly locate any type of password you happen to be looking for.

AUTO-COMPLETION. If you want, Password Depot instantly fills out your password data right into websites opened up within the common browsers. This feature runs by means of an inner setup on the one hand, as well as via so called Browser Add-ons on the other hand.

AUTOMATED ACKNOWLEDGMENT. You could set the program to automatically identify which password details corresponds to the website you have called up as well as to after that pre-select this password access for you– as well as, if preferred, to lastly immediately fill this info into the site.

CONFIGURABLE PROGRAM CHOICES. Thanks to numerous program alternatives, Password Depot might be independently configured to the tiniest detail– not just in view of its exterior design, yet additionally regarding its interior functions such as using browsers or networks.

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CUSTOMIZED BROWSERS. You could determine yourself which browsers you want to make use of within the program. This way, you are not bound to usual browsers such as Firefox or Web Explorer however can additionally use Opera, as an example.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL SETTINGS. As a brand-new user, you could deal with just a couple of functions in the Beginner Mode, whereas as a specialist you can utilize all features in the Specialist Setting or can outline your own needs in the Custom Mode.

VENTURE WEB SERVER. Password Depot 2018 functions a separate server design allowing numerous customers to access the same passwords concurrently. Accessing password documents might run either through a regional network or through the Net.

USB STICK. You could duplicate both your password data and also the program Password Depot itself into a USB stick. In this way, you could bring the files and also the software program along any place you go, constantly having them readily available to make use of.

CLOUD GADGETS. Password Depot 2018 supports internet solutions, amongst them GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox as well as Box. By doing this, Password Depot allows you to swiftly and quickly enter the Cloud!

OS Operating Requirements :Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android

Download Password Depot 2018.11.0.0 Latest Version
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