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Download Missiveapp for Windows PC, the only job administration application merging e-mail, chat and jobs! As foreign as chat is to email, mixing them unleashes unanticipated opportunities. Missivefor Windows, Missive APK is the one application you’ll ever before have to manage your job life. Try Missive today!

Missive for PC fully supports Gmail labels on the complimentary and paid plans. All your tags are synced from as well as to Gmail. Every discussion classified in Missive will be identified in Gmail. Every conversation starred in Gmail will certainly be starred in Missive. Missive can be made use of side by side with Gmail or any other e-mail customer. It indicates you could keep your tag classification. When you switch over to Missive, a lot of things your were performing in Gmail are still feasible

Download Missive 2018.5.1.0

Email is also slow-moving for interior discussions, to fix this we brought threaded chats to your inbox. Each has an unique subject and just the right participants. With such scoped discussions, no topic obtains buried. This results in a genuinely asynchronous workflow as well as avoids the fear of losing out you get in other conversation applications. Lastly, we offer you the same devices to procedure and handle conversations together with e-mails. It will certainly become acquired behavior for you to archive and snooze chats. Download Missive app for Windows PC

Missive Features:

Threaded discussions
Comment within email threads and also begin new chats with concentrated topics.

Assign discussions and also jobs to colleagues, right in the context of emails and conversations.

Shared labels
Organize discussions for your entire team or certain individuals like Sales and Assistance.

Joint writing
Compose e-mails with each other, obtain assessed in real time and also share accessories.

Check out receipts
Know precisely if and when recipients review your e-mails.

Send later on
Prepare an e-mail and timetable it to be sent at just the right time.

Set reminders on emails and also talks to clean up your inbox.

Pinned conversations
Drag essential discussions to the sidebar for quick access.

General as well as 1-to-1 areas
Review basic ideas with your entire group or certain teammates.

Requirements : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Wimdows 8, Windows 10, Android

Version :10.16.0

Filename : Missive

Size :2.30 MB


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