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DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper will enhance the surfing rate or improve your protection by replacing the DNS given by your carrier. DNS is the procedure on the web that turns human-comprehensible web site names such as into addresses reasonable by machines.( machine-readable “IP addresses”), Sometimes, you can raise the browsing rate or improve your safety by replacing the DNS offered by your service provider, DNS Jumper is a tool which makes it simple for you.

One of those applications that can assist you find the most effective DNS to shorten filling times for all websites is DNS Jumper for mac. This small utility packs a great collection of features that can be accessed and utilized through an user-friendly format.

Why you must use DNS Jumper:

  • It can assist in accessing blocked websites
  • It can enhance safety by changing to even more secure DNS servers
  • It can assist keep your kids safe by obstructing inappropriate websites (e.g. adult material) by choosing a Family Safe DNS web server
  • It can speed surfing by relocating to a faster DNS server.
  • Transforming DNS servers manually can be done, however DNSJumper substantially streamlines the procedure

A great aspect of this specific software is that you don’t need to install anything, just unzip the archive as well as run the major program. After that, it refers a couple of clicks till you can enjoy a much faster Internet.

DNS JumperIt is necessary to mention that the tool does not leave any type of traces in the Windows windows registry. And also, you might replicate it on any kind of USB flash drive or other gadgets and take it with you whenever you require to locate the most effective DNS on fly.

There are many cost-free DNS services supported by this application as well as you can pick one from a lengthy drop-down listing. In case you want to manually input the address of such a solution you should know that the utility supplies this function as well DNS Jumper download Windows 10

A cool attribute of DNS Jumper is the truth that it allows you to add new entrances to the list in a couple of seconds. All you have to do is write down the IP addresses, give a name to the server and that’s it.

If you have doubts about which DNS server is quicker, there is a wonderful little button you can press to find out. It is called ‘Fastest Dns’ and, when pushed, it will automatically evaluate all the access in your checklist and then display the packing times so you can select the swiftest one Download DNS Jumper 2020 Latest Version

Note: Protection softwares like Avast or Malwarebytes can cause Really high resolve times, if you use one of them please add DnsJumper to Exclusion checklist.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Version : 2.1

Size : 716.8KB

Download DNS Jumper  Latest Version – Windows