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CloudConvert converts files from one form to another. It recognizes files in over 200 different formats, and connects with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This makes CloudConvert an essential web utility for anyone using a Chromebook.

I most often use this service to convert image files to other forms. Chrome OS captures and saves all screenshots images in PNG format. However, some projects require images in JPG format. So, I converted a screenshot I took on my Chromebook from PNG to JPG with CloudConvert.

CloudConvert sometimes provides better conversions than Google Drive. For example, both services offer PDF to document conversion. CloudConvert can convert PDF files into DOCX files, which you can open in Google Docs. Although, Google Docs also allows you to open a PDF, then convert it to Google Docs (that is, choose File > Edit in Google Docs). If one method doesn’t provide accurate conversions, try another.

CloudConvert labels some conversions as experimental. For example, from my iPhone, I save a Keynote presentation file to Google Drive. When I went to convert the file, the target conversion format–the PowerPoint PPTX file–showed experimental. However, the file is converted cleanly. However, complex slides, graphics, or charts can cause conversion problems.

This service also supports various audio and video file formats. As you would expect, you can convert audio files to MP3 format, or video files to MP4 format. CloudConvert also lets you extract audio from video files. For example, I selected a .MOV file and converted it to an .MP3 form. It gives me audio only MP3 files.

CloudConvert works on the site and on iOS. Install this app from the Chrome website store to add the app to your Chrome or Chromebook. Then, from Google Drive in your browser, you can right-click, then select “Open with…” and select “CloudConvert.” Once you have authorized CloudConvert to access your account, choose where to save the converted files and adjust your output options. Alternatively, install the CloudConvert iOS app on your iPhone and/or iPad.

For occasional use, this app does not charge a fee. If you convert files smaller than 1 GB, less than five files at a time, and use a file conversion time of less than 25 minutes a day, the CloudConvert service remains free of charge.

Two paid options – a prepaid plan or a subscription – allow you to convert larger files, more files at once, and use more file conversion time. With the prepaid plan, you can purchase anywhere from 500 to 1,000,000 conversion minutes, costing $8 to $2,621 each. Prepaid minutes do not expire. The subscription provides a number of file conversion minutes per month: $8 per month buys for example, 1,000 conversion minutes per month.